Missed Call alert

Twitter’s recent acquisition of Zipdial brings up the question of whether Twitter has decided to target emerging markets where mobile internet is flaky and broadband penetration is weak. This acquisition, coupled with their introduction of Twitter Digits Login, highlights their clear approach towards the business of marketing and ad spend.

Twitter Digits Login, allows developers to authenticate users through their mobile number, while maintaining anonymity and ease of access. Zipdial allows Twitter to reach out to audiences where mobile apps and high speed net connections are still a dream. Through these two acquisitions, Twitter is building up a portfolio of tools which helps them provide access to a more varied audience to marketers.

From a marketing standpoint, Twitter provides two unique benefits – 1 .better targeting , specially if mobile number is tracked to a user and his tweets/ follows are analyzed to provide a better idea of his interests and consumptions patterns 2. Less complexity as opposed to Facebook, which even if accessible on Mobile browsers free of cost, is not as simple as an SMS or missed call system.

The question now is to see whether Twitter creates a local marketing wing in India and other Emerging markets to handhold brands through how to effectively use their platform ( a la Facebook/ Google) or stick to allowing agencies to make the moolah


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