This is not about Emraan Hashmi movies. The acronym KISS stands Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Uber has just completed a rebranding activity spread over the last few years. The logo looks very weird and the different colors make me wonder if the app will burst into a Bollywood song and dance next. Overall, I am disappointed that Uber has chosen to forget it’s origins and make life more complicated.

Simplicity seems to be underrated in the startup space. Everyone wants to be in multiple categories and spread their eggs across different baskets. A Flipkart is present in 20 + categories and is now even selling cars and motorcycles. Some e-commerce websites have sold flats in the past. Ola wants to ferry people, set up shuttles (which seem more like BMTC buses without the branding) , delivery groceries and food. Probably the only thing they have left out is delivering babies. Mobile apps have ballooned into resource hogging monstrosities which aim at giving the user the chance to purchase anything except ease of use.

From a risk management perspective, maybe it makes sense for startups to be in multiple categories. However from an operational perspective, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s tough implementing their operations properly in 1 category. Spreading yourself thin makes it tougher for your core audience to trust your brand and makes it tougher for your partners to accept you.

I think it’s high time startups decided to put their best foot forward in 1 space. Then they can consider encroaching on the space of other startups


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